Our Services

  • Transport and Forwarding of import and local cargo.
  • Clearance of vehicle imports for SA and Neighboring countries.
  • Arrangement and monitoring of transport and deliveries for all cargo.
  • Booking and shipping of cargo to and from overseas.
  • Sea / Rail transportation. Import and Export documentation services.
  • Customs Clearance for general cargo. Lesotho borders clearances and acquittal services

What We Offer

The name of the company is Dorcas Logistics Pty Ltd. The name of the Director of the Company is Mahali Masithela who is highly experienced in the field of freight forwarding business for more than twenty years now. Through the director's wealth of experience, the Company pledges a fine and outstanding service for the satisfaction of all the clients.

Our offices are currently at Block A ,Teba Complex,Moshoeshoe road, Fokothi, Lesotho.

Tel: +266 2833 3200

Email: info@dorcaslogistics.co.ls

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Why Choose Us

Delivery and Meeting timelines

Fast Delivery



We have more than twenty years in the field of customs clearing, arrangement of export bookings to all countries, border shipments, dealing with all kinds of shipment (road, rail, sea and air) and Japanese car importing.

Customs Clearance

Since the introduction of import vehicles to Lesotho,Our country has seen a boom in Japanese car sales, Dorcas Logistics clears hundreds of vehicles a year.



Trust Dorcas Logistics for all your companies and individual needs, from air freight to container ships, we will move and clear your goods.

Other Reasons

We give excellent services in customs clearance, shipping and forwarding, transport, packaging, warehousing, import and export to our customers. We also offer them consultancies in the freight business.